Group Benefits/Voluntary Programs

The major “core” plan of group benefits is health insurance. Given the dramatic increase in the cost of these plans, it is important that you have a consultant-broker that will assist you on a regular basis to determine the most effective, yet economical way to address this issue.

There is a distinct advantage to having support from an experienced broker. Given the new array of HSA plans and self-insured programs, along with various methods of employee contributions, a simple suggestion can result in saving an employer a great deal of money.

In addition to health insurance, we also offer assistance with group life, dental, disability protection, and long term care insurance, both on a traditional or a voluntary basis.

Voluntary Benefits have become an essential part of many companies’ benefit programs.

Some of our professional brokers have worked in the voluntary marketplace since 1988.
These programs benefit everyone. They allow an employer to demonstrate concern for their employees at little or no cost to the firm. For the employee, they can secure the specific coverage they require, usually at reduced rates, and then pay for it through payroll deduction.

Whether you are reviewing your current benefit package, looking at the possibility of self-insuring, or even including a Voluntary Benefit program, feel free to contact BCI Insurance Services to assist you in achieving your goals.


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