Life Insurance

Provide fund for our loved ones
Protect that mortgage
Ensure money for the children’s education
Properly fund plans for estate taxation
Business plans-buy/sell agreements, key man coverage, etc.

Simply put, if you think you need it, you probably do.

Whether prompted by the birth of a child, a new mortgage, college savings plan, or a desire to safeguard a comfortable lifestyle for a loved one, the purchase of life insurance will provide you with a sense of protection and security.

For these personal reasons and a myriad of business purposes-secure loans, buy/sell agreements, key-man protection, etc., life insurance is the most convenient and inexpensive way to provide the coverage you require against substantial loss.

Agents from large insurance companies usually can offer only the products from their own carrier. One of the benefits that BCI Insurance Services, Inc. enjoys is that we are independent broker-consultants. As such, we can obtain quotations from a very large selection of A+ Life Insurance Companies.

Additionally, BCI differs substantially from “fast-quote” brokers. The latter offer the lowest rates based on the premise that all inquiring individuals will qualify for an insurance company’s “super-preferred” category. Here at BCI we understand that we speak with real people, some who may have had some health issues. We will work with you, and then help determine the proper classification for you, (i.e. preferred, standard, etc.). In this way, unpleasant surprises are avoided, and a client can then objectively balance their insurance needs with the associated costs.

Again, there is a simple rule of thumb for life insurance -- if you think you need it, you probably do.


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